1971 ABC Saturday Morning

New theme song! New art! Let me give you the skinny on this groovin’ deal: How you begin a decade can really set the tone historically… This week’s lineup: Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down, The Road Runner Show, Funky Phantom, Jackson 5ive, Bewitched, Lidsville, Curiosity Shop, Jonny Quest, and Lancelot Link!

Here’s a look at the Saturday Morning Preview for 1971 ABC:

So, this didn’t air on Saturday morning, but The Brady Bunch does discuss the 1971 ABC Saturday Morning Lineup. Thanks to the good people at Lost Media Wikia:

Link to Lost Media Wikia

Here’s your good ol’ fashioned newspaper preview (version 1):

And here is version 2 of the newspaper preview for those of you laying down:

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